Types of Compensation You Can Get In a Car Accident

August 25, 2023
Car Accident

When you get involved in a car accident, it is mostly because one of the involved parties was responsible for the accident. In case, the other party was responsible for the accident, we will help you understand the kinds of claims you can file. Before we delve deeper, it is important to get in touch with a Fort Wayne car accident injury lawyer if you have been planning to file a claim. 

Medical expenses:

It is only natural that you will have to bear the hefty medical expenses after the car accident. But since the accident is not your fault, why should you pay for the bills? The state has your best interests in mind. This is why, it has been made sure that the victims of a car accident are rightfully paid for all their doctor visits, therapy sessions, medication costs, and future treatments.

What do you need to do? Make sure you have all your documents and bills in one place to make the valuation process easier. 

Loss of wages:

When the victims get severely injured, it becomes nearly impossible for them to go to the office, let alone do the easiest of tasks. On top of that, you cannot even be sure how long it would take for you to make a full recovery. So, what happens during that time? In such cases, you will be able to file a claim for your loss of wages, in which your current wage and how long you will not able to go to work will be taken into consideration. For a better understanding of the valuation, get in touch with a lawyer right away. 

Note that you can even be paid for the loss of income potential. However, for this, you might need a testimony of an expert who can attest that there is a significant transition in your earning potential after the car accidents

Pain and suffering:

Of course, an accident does not only cause a financial burden on you but a lot more. What about the PTSD, anxiety, and depression you will be suffering from? A personal injury lawyer will help you understand how much you can get for these intangible damages.

Final thoughts:

Gor more questions? Why don’t you schedule a free consultation with a lawyer in Fort Wayne for a better understanding of your case? He or she will help you understand the compensation you are eligible for.

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