Can I Do Cavitation On My Period?

June 4, 2022

Cavitation is the process whereby air bubbles are pushed out of the body by either a pump or with negative pressure so that they can create suction. This suction can then be used for therapeutic purposes (e.g., teeth-whitening). Still, some have used it to prevent and treat period cramps and other pain-related conditions, including migraines and fibromyalgia.

A popular method of using cavitation to prevent period cramps is by doing a daily massage around the anus. However, many people are unaware of whether or not this practice is safe during their cycles, especially during certain phases such as menstruation or premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The following are some of the potential concerns that should be addressed.

Cavitation Is an Invasion of Personal Space.

Cavitation takes place when air bubbles are pushed out of the body and into an external object, such as a massage chair or piece of clothing. This transfer can happen if the bubble is propelled forcefully enough by a pump (such as with teeth-whitening) or by creating a suction force with negative pressure (such as when using anti-cellulite garments). 

With negative pressure, the air is forced out of the body and into an external object by creating a countercurrent current in the massage chair or other piece of clothing.

Negative Pressure Can Be Dangerous.

When negative pressure is used to create a suction force, some people (for instance, those suffering from heart disease or ulcerative colitis) may experience an air embolism. This occurs when air bubbles form in the circulatory system and travel through the veins and arteries to the lungs. If this happens, it can be fatal.

Some medical associations and governmental agencies also prohibit this practice of cavitation massage because of its potential association with adverse events. For example, the American Cancer Society recommends that women who use either vacuum therapy or massage chairs for their periods avoid using those forms of massage during menstruation due to its risk of causing cancerous tumors in animals.

Cavitation Massage Is an Invasion of Personal Space.

According to a research paper by the American Cancer Society, after performing massages on rats exposed to cancer-causing substances, researchers found “abnormal cell growth in their lungs and spread of cancerous cells from secondary sites in the chest to distant organs.”

In addition, one study observed that rats who were pre-exposed to cavitation massage therapy were more likely to develop tumors in their lungs. It is not known how this phenomenon would translate to humans, but it is not recommended that people should use these types of massage while taking long trips or during air travel.

Is it safe to do cavitation massage during my period?

It is not safe to do cavitation massage on your period. Your uterus is already in its most contracted position, and the air bubbles may cause a “water-logged uterus.” If you have a fibroid, it is better not to do it regularly. The wound in the uterus may not heal properly.

Is it safe to do cavitation massage on my PMS?

No research results state that it is safe to do the cavitation massage on the last two days of your period. In India, doctors recommend not to do any activities during menstruation days. You may feel slight pain and cramps if you start doing the massage at this time. This can also cause infection or inflammation. It is better to avoid doing this type of massage until your cycle gets regularized.

Is it safe to do cavitation massage on my period when I am pregnant?

There is no research completed about the safety or safety of doing the cavitation massage during pregnancy. Some people say it may cause miscarriage; some say it can harm the fetus. The uterus becomes more sensitive and therefore may not be able to handle skin-to-skin contact during an ultrasound. Ultrasound equipment is also known to cause miscarriages, so again it’s best to avoid cavitation massage during pregnancy.

Can cavitation massage be harmful to getting pregnant?

You should know that there are no indications that suggest that cavitation has any adverse effect on conceiving a baby. There is rare information that shows that the cramps experienced by pregnant women disappear after a few treatments.

Is cavitation good for reducing period pain?

There is no proof that this method works to reduce period pain. Some people report positive effects, but many say that no impact has been felt. You may feel flatulence and nausea if you try to do it on your menstruation days. 

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