Navigating Insurance Company Tactics: Protecting Your Rights After an Injury

March 9, 2023

If you sustain injuries in a car crash or slip-and-fall incident, it’s probable that you’ll need to engage with an insurance company at some stage. In an ideal scenario, the insurer will approve a reasonable settlement amount that takes care of all your medical expenses and other damages. Nevertheless, insurance providers are notorious for rejecting claims or providing inadequate settlement proposals. Being aware of the strategies they employ can be advantageous, but your optimal course of action for obtaining appropriate compensation is to seek the assistance of a proficient personal injury attorney at Ladah Law Firm.

The Insurance Company’s Quick Settlement Pressure:

It can be surprising how promptly the insurance company extends a settlement offer for your claim. However, be cautious, as this is an attempt to minimize the amount they pay out for claims. They present what appears to be a reasonable settlement in a few days after your accident before you have a clear understanding of the full extent of your personal injury legal services in St. Louis. The catch is that once you accept the settlement, you forfeit any rights to pursue further or future claims. Thus, if you have more severe injuries or complications arise, you cannot seek additional compensation.

Demanding an Authorization to Access Your Medical Records:

To evaluate the extent and nature of your injuries, the insurance company will require access to your medical records. They may request you to sign an authorization, allowing them to obtain the records on your behalf, sparing you the inconvenience of making copies and sending them to the insurer.

The insurer might use prior medical conditions or injuries to justify settling your claim for an amount less than what you require. If the insurance company is compelling you to sign the authorization, it is advisable to contact a personal injury lawyer promptly personal injury claims in St. Louis.

Demanding a Written or Recorded Statement from You:

Your statements to the insurance company can be used against you, which is why it is crucial to exercise caution whenever you interact with them or communicate with them in any form. The insurer may phrase their questions strategically to encourage you to contradict yourself or qualify a previous statement in a manner that allows them to minimize your claim.

Final Thoughts:

By working with an experienced personal injury attorney, you can navigate these tactics and ensure that you receive the appropriate compensation for your injuries and losses. At Ladah Law Firm, we are committed to helping our clients receive the justice they deserve. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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