All You Need To Know About Doge Coin Offered By KuCoin

July 25, 2022

KuCoin, established in 2017 by Johnny Lyu, is a promising crypto exchange. Do you know why? So here are some reasons. One of the utmost reasons is KuCoin’s goal. Its mission is to qualify the global free flow of digital value. And the interchange is working towards its mission with dedication.

Furthermore, the total of new projects launched by KuCoin is also why KuCoin is speedily famous. It has become so well-liked that it has more than 20 million registered users. The biggest reason KuCoin is a popular exchange is its vast range of coins like BitCoin, KCS, Ethereum, Lite Coin, TRX, and Doge (the most exciting currencies), and many more. 

Let’s Get To Know About Doge Coin

Billy and Palmer are the makers of the Doge coin cryptocurrency. This coin was started in 2013 as a “joke,” not taking crypto currencies such as BitCoin at the time seriously. This currency is known as the first “meme coin” and, more categorically, the first “dog coin” as it has the Shiba Inu picture. Shiba Inu is a Japanese hunting breed dog. But with time, something that began as fun became a severe business and captured people’s attention. One exciting thing about Doge is that among all the crypto currencies, Doge coin has the most significant companies. The customers of this company genuinely have faith in Doge coin’s beaming future and supply tremendous assistance to make their favorite crypto more liked. 

Some Questions That Arise Regarding Doge Coins

As above stated, Doge Coins were created as a fun, so the users might have some questions before seriously investing in them. The utmost question will be whether to put money in Doge Coins or not? So, the answer to this will be that buying any cryptocurrency involves risk, and Dogecoin is no exception. But it will be a good idea to purchase a few Doge Coins to know how cryptocurrency works if one is a beginner. The next question the user would love to know about is the benefits of buying Dogecoins. There are many benefits, but few include Doge being cheaper than other cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, Dogecoin has a fast transaction. Thus the users do not have to wait long to withdraw money or buy or sell the currency. The next benefit is an endless stock of coins. Currently,  the collection of Dogecoin is approximately 129 billion, much more than the other famous ones. 

Another critical question is about Doge’s Future. Currently, the price of one Doge is 12.98PKR. It is assumed that by 2028 DOGE will be traded between $0.98 and $1.18 in 2028. 


Thus Doge started as a joke but became a serious business and offers minimal loss, so if the user is a beginner, it is the best option. Though not all exchanges provide Doge coins, KuCoin exchanges offer it. KuCoin, due to its distinctive elements, is one of the best exchanges. So the users can buy Doge Coins from there. 

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