true or false: weaving is a common clue to law enforcement that a driver is impaired.

May 31, 2021

I have seen people in traffic stop for weaving, and I have no doubt that some of that is due to speeding. However, I don’t believe weaving necessarily indicates impairment. What we need to be looking for is a combination of factors. For example, the driver stopped to talk on her phone will need to be able to answer questions quickly and efficiently.

In fact, there is some evidence to suggest that weaving is a clue to impairment (although it isn’t conclusive). This study found that people who were wearing a seatbelt had a 20% higher accident rate than those who were not, even though they weren’t actually speeding. And the same difference was seen when they were driving on the wrong side of the road. However, this study also found that people who were weaving were significantly less impaired than those who were not.

So yes there is evidence that weaving is a clue to impaired driving. However, the studies I mentioned above were not really designed to determine whether or not it was a clue. To do that they would have had to use a test that measures whether or not a person was texting, eating snacks, or talking on the phone, etc. Also, the studies are all cross-sectional and so we cant really tell if weaving is correlated to impaired driving or not.

I’d say that weaving is definitely a clue to impaired driving (although I’m not so sure about the other studies). However, I don’t think that the studies would have been the best type to use to determine if it was a clue to impaired driving. You need to use a method that’s more specific to impaired driving to get conclusive evidence that weaving is a clue to impaired driving.

We weave because we’re trying to look like we are. It’s not a method that we use to look like we are. The fact is, the fact that a lot of people weave is a clue to impaired driving. That’s because we aren’t really looking normal and not trying to, so to speak, go through a checklist of what we’re wearing, what we’re not wearing, how we’re moving, and so on.

No, weaving isnt a clue to impaired driving, but it might be the most often used method to determine if a driver is impaired. We weave to look like we are, but in reality we arent. Just like I dont weave to look like I am a person, but instead I weave to look like I’m a party person.

Its hard to say for sure, but it sounds like weaving might be a clue to impaired driving, because weaving can be a sign of being impaired.

But weaving also means that you are not using your eyes. And that is exactly when you should be looking at the road while driving, and not your mirror. And that is exactly when you should be looking at the mirror. And that is exactly when people tend to be less likely to weave.

weaving is a clue to impaired driving, because while not everyone is able to weave, many people can see it. So it’s not just because you’re driving. Impaired driving often happens when a driver is talking on the phone and while doing so, looks at something in the rearview mirror. When you can’t see what you’re doing, you are less likely to weave and you are more likely to drive. You are also more likely to be impaired.

Yes, it’s true that while not everyone can weave, many have seen it, and that’s why they tend to drive less. Also, if you can’t see it and yet you make the most of your ability to see what youre doing, you are more likely to weave.

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