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January 28, 2021

I’m a partner in the Law Office of Trenti Law Firm, PLC and have been in practice for more than two decades. After graduating law school, I was accepted into the University of Houston’s Graduate School of Public Health in order to pursue a Master of Public Health degree. This was the first time in my life that I had to make a financial commitment to pursue my passion and love for public health.

While I was at the University of Houstons, I decided to become a pharmacist apprentice and applied to the School of Pharmacy and Health at the University of Pennsylvania. I completed my Master of Pharmacy in 2003 and I eventually went on to become a full-time pharmacist in 2005.

trenti law firm is part of a larger non-profit, which is called the Pennsylvania Health Care Authority, which means that the people who run this business are actually people who work in the administration of Pennsylvania’s health care system, which of course includes hospitals. So although I’m not actually a pharmacist, I am a part of the health care system.

The health care system includes Pennsylvanias hospitals and physicians, of course. And every so often these health systems send out letters to the doctors informing them of new guidelines, protocols, and policies. Usually these letters come through the department of insurance, but this time the letter came through the department of health.

What really happened in Chicago, Indiana in the late 80’s was that the pharmaceutical industry was actually going into a giant war with the federal government. So the pharmaceuticals were going to be a big problem so the government was going to be the primary focus.

In the late 80s, the government had the goal of making sure pharmaceutical companies never killed anyone. The government was worried that if pharmaceutical companies didn’t get their way, then they would be able to kill people for the profits they made from the drugs. The pharmaceutical industry was afraid that this would mean that the government could simply force them to stop making the drugs or even ban them altogether. That’s why they went into a war with the federal government.

The pharmaceutical industry lost. In fact, they were just recently acquired by Pfizer.

Pfizer is the largest pharmaceutical company in the US. Its stock price was just recently up by 7% in a month.

The big pharmaceutical companies didn’t need to be acquired.

Yeah, thats what they told us. The big pharmaceutical companies spent millions on lobbyists and campaign contributions to convince the government that they knew what they were doing. The government was willing to let them continue making the drugs because it was sure they would make them safe. But the major pharmaceutical companies were more than happy to let the government ban them or at least stop making them altogether.

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