out law 10.5

January 26, 2021

“Outlawing is the process of acting against an established law or custom that, when broken, harms the party or persons with whom the act is done.

Outlawing is one of those word games that many lawyers know by heart. The law itself is the thing that we need to break. It might not be clear from the context, but I’m pretty sure the law in question is “no one who commits a crime within 1000 feet of a school can be charged with a misdemeanor.” Schools are the place where criminal law is supposed to be taught.

The law is also the thing that we need to break. We can’t just go around breaking the law because we can. It might be a very minor offense, but it’s still a serious violation of the law. By breaking the law, we’re essentially ignoring the law which is a violation.

One of the things that makes the law so interesting is that it is so easily ignored. It is so easy to ignore the law because the law itself is so often ignored. We can ignore the law by ignoring the consequences of breaking the law. We can ignore the law by ignoring the law. We can ignore the law by ignoring the law. We can ignore the law by ignoring the law.

So for example, breaking the law by failing to use a condom during sex. Or failing to read the directions when you’re shopping. Or failing to pay a parking ticket. Or failing to pay for the condom that you are using. Or failing to pay for the condom that you are not using. Or being drunk and driving. We know that violating the law can have a great many consequences.

But all of these laws are just the same, just in different ways. And the only difference is that they are laws that we can ignore.

Yes, there are rules that we can ignore, but there are also things that we can do to change the consequences. If we’re going to pass laws that have consequences, then we need to put our money where our mouth is. We don’t need to be able to tell someone that they can’t live their life. We don’t need to point out that they are breaking the law. We just need to put them in jail.

No one would deny that we are all a little bit lazy when it comes to our ability to make laws that have consequences. But we also have the tools to change the outcome of these laws. Of course, like most things, we need to be vigilant. We need to be sure that our laws are always being followed. Of course, we should always be aware of what we are doing, but if it isn’t worth the effort, we should just let it go.

It’s a shame that the laws in this game are actually breaking the law. It’s a shame that you can be found guilty, and have your freedom taken away. But it is just a shame that we can be as lazy as we are when it comes to making laws and laws that have consequences.

This is something the game tries to correct though it is somewhat weak in that it ignores the fact that there are consequences. We don’t have to care about the law because we can just ignore it. We don’t have to worry that our actions will have drastic effects on the lives of others. But we do need laws that are being followed, and we need to be able to follow through.

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