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April 25, 2021

This video is a compilation of my favorite moments from the last three months. It is also a reminder for me to continue to create videos like this.

My first three months on YouTube were spent trying to get my wife to watch my videos, and her response was always the same. “You don’t have to make videos for me.” I tried to explain to her that if I was going to use my videos as a medium for telling stories, I needed to make it a medium that I could spend some time with her, and that I couldn’t do that if I was going to be on my computer all day.

So here is the result.

Ive spent all my time at work on YouTube, and Ive been a good mother. It took me a while, but Ive learned to appreciate my wife. I hope she enjoys this video as much as I enjoyed creating it, and that it made her laugh with me.

This is the first video Ive ever made on my personal channel, and it is the first one Ive ever done that I didnt take myself too seriously. It has been a whole year since Ive been on YouTube, so Ive got a lot of time to reflect on my life. It also has some good advice for anyone who wishes to start a channel of their own, rather than just using YouTube as a way to make money.

Ive been making videos for years, but this one is from 2012. It was something I didnt really want to do, but I needed to get a video out. It was something that I really wanted to make, but I didnt take myself that seriously. I really like this vid because it puts me in the mindset of a mother in law. She can be incredibly mean and obnoxious, but she can also put the boot in pretty easily.

Ive been making videos for years. This is what I’ve wanted to do. I want my videos to be about the people who made this video and why they made it. I dont want to be like that person.

I don’t really make videos to be like that, but I do make some videos for my husband. He actually makes it for him, he’s been making videos for several other people. So he’s made all sorts of videos for us. We make some videos for our kids, we make some for ourselves, and we make some for him. He’s a very hard man, but I cant really change that.

The reason I cant change is because I have a mother in law. If my husband wasnt my husband, I wouldnt even make the video she makes. My mother in law has a very twisted mind, and she has been making videos for years. I wouldnt even make this video, and I know that she wants to make this video so that she can get out of prison. Thats why she makes these videos.

I think that this video has become a kind of shorthand between the two of us. We laugh a lot, we argue, we both complain about how hard she has it, and we both think that she should get out of prison as soon as possible. But in the end, she does get out of prison, and eventually there is a confrontation between her and her husband. Eventually, she takes her own life.

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