lisa lynn masters law and order

April 17, 2021

lisa lynn masters law and order is a new kind of podcast in which you can find a wealth of knowledge and valuable insights on topics from a wide range of topics.

My favorite part is when she introduces herself. I always hate when people introduce themselves, and then immediately start talking about their job or their hobby. She says she likes to “make people laugh”, and then proceeds to tell us about how her life is a living example of that.

She says she likes to be a good social worker, and that’s a good thing. She says she likes to share her knowledge and wisdom with people, but she also likes to go to work and be a good wife.

I’d argue that being a good wife and social worker isn’t the same thing. Being a good wife involves being a good person, and that’s a lot different than being a good social worker. Socialization is a huge part of being a good person, but not being a good social worker is not the same thing.

It also seems like she has a great deal of knowledge about how to treat people. A good social worker would never try to get someone fired for a petty crime they committed. A good social worker would never try to make someone pay a fine they did not owe. She never says she wants to make everyone else suffer, but she sure seems like she might.

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