law offices of eric shore

January 25, 2021

This is the law office of eric shore, located in downtown Seattle.

The company says that they have a new logo that looks like a pair of hands with the text “LAW OFFICE OF ERIC SHORE” on one hand, and the text “SEATTLE” on the other.

The logo is also available on their website.

If you look closely at the logo, you can see that the text SEATTLE is written in a way that gives it a very militaristic feel (as it’s supposed to be), while the words LAW OFFICE OF ERIC SHORE are written as if they could be the logo for a military organization. It’s the kind of logo that makes you think of an army barracks, where the military police keep the riffraff in.

The law offices of Eric Shore have been around for many years, and they have their own unique brand of corporate branding, but this logo seems to be the first time they’ve used a logo that implies a military organization. If we were to put this logo in the same context as the law office of eric shore, it might seem like a bit of a contradiction.

The logo is very similar to a logo from the military police, so it is somewhat surprising that the logo doesn’t seem to be associated with a military organization. This logo is the kind of logo that gives you the feeling of a military barracks, and that is exactly the idea the logo was trying to convey, which I think makes it even more memorable.

But this logo is also very ambiguous, as it is supposed to be a law office of a military officer. So whether it is, this logo is somewhat ambiguous, or its intent is more ambiguous than most military logos. The logo is very interesting, but I think it is something that has to be explored more.

The logo is supposed to be a law office for a military officer, but this was not a law firm. The logo is meant to be a law office, but that doesn’t mean it is a law firm. What the logo, and the logo alone, meant to convey is that it is a law office, but it is not what it was supposed to be. It is a marketing campaign, but the message it was trying to convey was the opposite of what it was trying to convey.

This logo is interesting because it was not actually the logo. It was the logo being used in a very different way. It was used on a card in the mail for a very different purpose. It was a marketing campaign for the actual law office.

The law office of Eric Shore would have been a much better use of the word “law” than the logo. This is because Eric Shore is a lawyer, not a law firm. But you could argue that the logo was a law firm, not a lawyer. If you were a lawyer, you would have been a lawyer, not a law firm.

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