law and order svu season 17 episode 4

February 23, 2021

The theme of this episode is that the law will be on full display this season because the law enforcement in charge, the sheriff, and the mayor all know better than to waste resources on criminals.

The show is a little more subtle about this, but I’d say it’s more subtle than the show is saying. The show has been pretty frank about this fact throughout the season. Last episode, when I asked if the sheriff would have killed the last murderer in town, he replied, “Of course not.

That said, the law enforcement in this episode was pretty much the same as he was in the previous three episodes. They did say, for instance, that they would never give their resources to a serial killer whose last known address was a school bus parking lot.

The show is right to make this point. I am not a fan of violence, but in this episode, the sheriff and his team did what they had to do to protect the town. If you want to know what the show is saying, just watch the episode.

There’s a lot of violence in this episode that was really just in the background, which is a problem at times because the show makes the violence seem so real that it can easily fall off the screen. I think the show is right to make this point, but it’s also good that it says it.

The scene was shot by a sniper and the shot was made by a sniper.

Yeah, there’s definitely a lot of violence in this episode. But it was also just the background of this scene, so I don’t think it’s a problem.

Well the problem is that it sounds like a show that is really trying to make violence a part of the show. Now one of the benefits of having a show that is about a fictional murder mystery is that there is no one in the episode who is actually in danger. We have no one on Deathloop who is afraid while Colt goes out of his way to show us that he is. The problem is that it is hard to take him seriously.

What I mean is that it does feel like there is something more sinister going on here than just a murder mystery. We learn that the Visionaries are a group of individuals who have been locked into a repeating day where they have to go about their normal day. They also have to avoid the law because they are afraid of being discovered and their life is probably on the line. Then Colt shows up with a gun and a list of what to do.

The Visionaries have taken over Blackreef, and they are using it as a prison. So they have their own prison and everything they need is on Deathloop. Colt will need to learn to control himself in order to stay alive. If you know what I mean. What I also like is that there was a lot more conversation on the way to the island itself as they explored its history.

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