his law is love and his gospel is peace

February 15, 2021

This quote by Jesus is from his Sermon on the Mount, and is a great reminder to us that we need to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, as he did. This law is a great one for us to keep in mind as we move forward.

Because of the way they look in our eyes, we can always learn to make a decision about where to place our feet. But when we have to decide who to move forward with, that’s the best way.

The law of love is so simple and easy to follow (and has many wonderful stories for us to read about it) that we’ve already forgotten it. The law of peace is a little trickier because it’s so hard to remember. Its also impossible to truly know if something is really good or bad until we have to choose what to do next.

The law of love is simple. It says “love” but doesn’t say anything else. The law of peace says “peace.” Its like a bumper sticker that says “If I love you, I’ll always be there for you.” But that is not the way we can make choices, nor is it the way we can communicate with God. We are called to love God and know what He wants.

As we know what is good for us, we can make sense of the state that the law of peace is giving us. The laws of love and peace are the same. The law of love is love but its not the laws of love. We are meant to know what Love is, but not what it is actually good for. The laws of peace are more like a pair of scissors to make sure they won’t get pulled apart.

The state you’re in now is your state of being in love. It is the state you have been in since before the beginning of time (in reality, it is almost the end of time; this is the time when we were going to get to the end of time). The state of being in love is the state you’ll be in when you get to the end of time.

And here is where the “Love” part is most often missed, and it is not when we get to the end of time. When we finish the story, we will see that a lot of people are already going through the next chapter.

In the first few months of the new game, we had a lot of people like Colt going thru the story, and we also had a lot of people like Arkane, who is a very nice guy and a nice person. So Colt and Arkane are going through it together and have a lot of fun.

In the case of Arkane, the story is the story of the two of them. He’s a nice guy, a nice person, and he’s got a lot of good qualities. But in the end, he’s not the one who gets to go to the next level. That’s his job.

For some reason, it strikes me we are in the middle of a story arc. But the arc ends, and the story continues. I think we’re just getting started.

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