gauss law cylinder

February 28, 2021

this is the first time I have used this specific Gauss cylinder. I was looking for a place to demonstrate and thought about how it would be used and the material that would be used. I was impressed with the efficiency of the cylinder being able to spin as fast as it can and not damage anything in the process.

The cylinder is made of several different layers of stainless steel, and in the video it is being used as a pump, to remove air from your lungs and bloodstream. It can also be used to deliver other drugs, or in the case of the video, a dose of medicine. You can even use the cylinder as a weapon by making a small hole in the cylinder and shooting it at someone with it.

The cylinder itself, too, is made of stainless steel. The first layer of the cylinder has a very thin layer of stainless glass. Then the second layer of the cylinder is made of a much thinner layer of stainless steel. The diameter of the two layers is about 80% of the thickness of the cylinder.

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