fourier law

April 28, 2021

Fourier’s Law describes a phenomenon that we call time dilation. It is a well known phenomenon that is used in many fields, but is often overlooked. The Fourier Law states that a sound wave travelling through a medium of constant speed won’t change its length if that medium is an infinite or a finite medium.

This makes a certain amount of sense. If you’re standing still with a microphone in your pocket, it doesn’t really matter what you say. If you are talking to someone, you will end up saying something. If you’re walking down the street, all you’re doing is changing directions, and you won’t necessarily be able to hear what you said, even if you’re shouting.

This analogy is the kind of thing that makes intuitive sense for the layman. If we were all like that with a microphone in our pockets, we would need some kind of equipment to measure our speech. In fact, we need to monitor the volume and length of our speech. The problem is that most people with microphones in their pockets are probably on the verge of shouting too much. So instead of yelling loudly, they just shout a little bit louder.

I think that’s probably the best analogy I’ve ever heard about the human condition. If you can’t hear yourself, you can’t hear others around you, and hence the world around you.

Speaking of the world around us….

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we’re still living in a culture where the idea of free speech and the freedom of speech is a joke. We’re always looking for ways to silence people. And no, I’m not talking about the kind where you have to shout at them because they’re making a mistake. The kind where you have to scream at them to see what they did wrong, and to show them they can’t do it again.

I’m not saying that everyone should be able to shut down speech in silence, but the idea that speech is allowed to be silenced is so absurd that it’s no wonder I want to be a part of it.

One of the things that people often forget is that the right to free speech is a right that is granted by the government. That means that freedom of speech is an absolute right that no one would ever wish to have. Its basically a right to be able to yell at people, and be able to say that if they make a mistake, they can go back to doing what they were doing before.

Many of the things I’ve mentioned below are a matter of fact, so we are in a similar position to the one we have in the trailer.

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